I tend to approach my work in the role of a director, seeing ideas as scenes in my head rather than static images to be made. The work I make is illustrative because this is the skill I’ve trained the most, but this way of thinking translates easily to other media, which is why I’m often inclined to dabble in things such as video editing, and hope to one day be able to try my hand at film. The work I make goes hand in hand with audio and its more often than not inspired by music, which is why I find it vital to be able to combine my illustrative work with audio.
I would like to discover as many facets of myself as possible within the creative field and not be held down by a specific medium. Illustration is an outlet for my ideas and I couldn’t live without it, however I would like to expand my skillset beyond just that.

Illustration is something i do for self reflection, but my creative tool-set is something i apply to all facets of my life.
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